• Frame has a 4000lb working capacity. 
  • 39" long main spear is forged in Germany, has a 3000lb capacity and is replaceable. 
  • Stabilizer spears are removable and replaceable. 
  • Made from hardened steel - heavy duty penetrating forged spear, not a cheap round tube like others sell. 
  • Forged spear will penetrate your bale, not push the bale off the stack like round bar spears will.  heavy duty lower frame made from 7" channel iron. 
  • Spear collar has 1/2" plate wrap gusset.
  • Universal quick tach systems fits full sized skid steers and almost all tractors with the removable bucket like the Kubota's that have th quick attach systems installed.

Skid Steer Round Bale Spear Attachment